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Stress Reduction for Teachers

This month we are highlighting our program "Stress Reduction for Teachers." We designed this workshop in 2012 due to numerous requests by teachers requesting a program specific to their needs. To highlight this issue, a recent survey by Teachers Assurance revealed that 76% of teachers believe that workplace stress was making them ill. Teacher stressors include classroom management and dealing with difficult students, among others. This program will provide specific strategies and tools for helping teachers manage their stress with the overall goal of helping our teachers support themselves and our students. If you are a principal of a United States school, and would like to provide this program for your teachers, contact us at info@stress-solutions.com. 


Our programs were featured in numerous national publications, including The U.S. News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times. For links to the articles, please contact us via email at info@stress-solutions.com.

Instant Download

All of our workshops are now available via instant download at www.shop.stress-solutions.com. 

Online Courses

The most convenient way to take our courses is via the Online Courses tab.  Five of our most popular courses are available. In addition, if you are a licensed counselor and a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors, you are eligible to receive Continuing Education credits for all courses. 

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If you would like to schedule an onsite or off-site workshop, or have a comment, feel free to email us directly at info@stress-solutions.com


The Conseqences of Stress
Stress costs businesses over 30 billion dollars a year in turnover, lowered productivity, health care costs and sick days.

Our Mission

The mission of our organization is to provide employees with clinically-proven, practical techniques and information for learning how to manage both work-related and home stress. 

Relieving Stress, One Corporation at a Time

Our most popular program is "Journey Into Relaxation"  is a comprehensive stress management program that offers a menu of the most popular and effective techniques and strategies available in the field, including numerous "immediate-need" techniques you can do at your desk.

If laughter is your preference we have "Humor and Optimism as Tools for Good Health."  We teach employees to look for the positive, stay motivated, and find humor in everyday experiences as a strategy of staying relaxed. 

Our program "Drumming Away Stress", is based on Robert's book "The Healing Power of the Drum."  This program uses hand drums and rhythm instruments to reduce stress and build teams.   

We also offer new programs including Staying Motivated -- Being the Best You Can Be, Creating a Healthy Balance, The Psychology of Weight Loss, and Dealing with Difficult Employees.  We also offer management courses for identifying stressed employees. 

Television and Radio

Numerous national and international television and radio programs have featured our company and its philosophy, including "Today in New York" on NBC, Discovery Health Channel, CNBC, and Fuji Television and Sanko Business Television in Japan, among others.

Available Clips

A five-minute clip of the year-long, four-part Discovery Health channel series is featured below in which we worked successfully with five very stressed individuals, utilizing our "Journey Into Relaxation" and Stress Management Coaching methods, including the well-known golf professional, Fred Funk. 

We’ve also included a two-minute television clip of a Fox News broadcast featuring our unique program “Drumming Away Stress” filmed at a staff meeting of the worldwide company, CMP Media Co. This clip can be found on the bottom of the "Drumming Away Stress" workship page.

Stress Management Training Career

In addition to offering programs for managing stress, we also

offer licensure and training for individuals who would like to consider a career in teaching stress management workshops. If you are interested in information, please contact us, indicating the program you are interested in teaching and the state (if in the U.S.) or the city (if outside the U.S.)

Of course, e-mail us if you have any questions about stress management issues, comments about our web site or if you would like to schedule a program. Enjoy!

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