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Stress Management Coaching

Stress Management Coaching™ is a custom-tailored program designed for individuals and corporations whose employee or employees are overwhelmed with stress and would like to offer options that include phone consultations and/or private individual sessions.

  • Individuals will be provided with the resources and tools necessary for dealing with their day-to-day stress in a positive and cost-effective manner.
  • By providing individualized attention focused specifically on specific stress management issues and needs, participants will learn their most effective ways of dealing with stress based on the most current research and coping techniques.
  • This program will provide participants with an opportunity to maximize their productivity while improving his or her health and mental well-being.

This comprehensive stress management workshop uses a three-tiered approach in which education, self-awareness, and experiential exercises help employees take a proactive role in managing their stress.

  • Participant(s) are educated as to the latest research on the causes and solutions of stress;
  • Questionnaires provide a benchmark of employees' stress levels and their current coping mechanisms; and
  • Numerous opportunities are provided to practice stress management techniques in class to reinforce a positive lifestyle change.

If your employee(s) are exhibiting some of the problems associated with stress, including decreased productivity, low morale, poor decision making, missed days at work, or other stress-related issues, let us assist you.

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